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Mother mourns son killed at milkshake stand

MURDERED : Randy Mohammed
A mother is grieving the loss of her eldest child, 27-year-old Randy Mohammed, called Andy, of New Providence, Mahaicony, who was stabbed to death on Saturday evening while making a purchase at a corner shop in Perth Village.

Mohammed, a labourer and taxi driver, lived by himself and was described by neighbours and friends as a respectful, helpful and humble young man.

Aside from throwing paddy and fertilizers and working as a taxi driver, he occupied the majority of his spare time in farming and planting his own kitchen garden at the back of his house.

His death has rocked the community where he lived, as he was always known as a quiet individual who never had any issues with anyone, or was never involved in altercations with persons.

Speaking to this publication, Danwantie Kumar, the young man’s mother, said she was at home when she received a call from a relative that her son was involved in an incident and had been stabbed.

“When I get the call I rush to the hospital to see my son, but he already gone home, he bleed out, he bleed to death. Everything he had on him they take, all his wallet, bank card and documents.”

This publication was informed that a few days ago, in Mahaicony, Mohammed had picked up a young lady who was headed to Perth Village.
The distance from where he made the pick up to where the young woman’s destination was, was quite a far way, so the young woman begged him to drop her and said she would give him $600 since it was her alone in the taxi.

But Mohammed had explained to her that it would not have been feasible to drop her alone so far without other passengers.

However, a male friend of the young woman approached Mohammed and indicated to him that the fare was $200 and not $600, but it was the young woman who had offered to pay $600 for the drop since it was her alone.

An argument ensued between the woman’s friend and Mohammed, after which Mohammed decided to give back the young woman her money, so as to avoid further issues.

Ganesh Bhagwandin, a close friend of Mohammed, told this publication that while at work on Saturday morning, Mohammed was telling him about the incident that took place between him and the young man over $600.

“Yesterday morning we left for work 4 o’clock, because we does throw paddy, so by 8 o’clock we reach back home. But while at work, he telling me about the story that happened over $600. So I told him to not involve himself with dem boys, because you can easily lose your life for nothing…now so said so done”.

Mohammed, after making his usual taxi trip in the afternoon along the Mahaicony area, stopped to make a purchase of a milkshake on his way home, at a shop in Perth Village. As he was about to pay for the milkshake, the man with whom he had an argument over the $600, and whose name was given as Marlon Estriado, approached him and broke a glass bottle on his head then dealt him two slashes across his neck with the broken bottle.

Mohammed fell to the ground bleeding profusely as a result of the wounds; he was rushed to the hospital by public-spirited persons where he succumbed hours later.

The suspect is still on the run, as the police continue their investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile the young man’s mother is hoping that justice will be served for the senseless killing of her son.