We have added CITA- ‘Caught In The Act’ to our BIG Smith News Watch brand. This allows you to snap videos and photographs of errant road users as they are caught in acts of traffic violations.

CITA is geared at assisting the Guyana Police Force and by extension the public to see massive reductions in the level of road lawlessness across Guyana which has over time only resulted in tears, broken families and homes, deaths, injuries, damage to property and traffic congestion among others.

Videos and photographs shared with CITA will be passed onto the Guyana Police Force Traffic Department for action.
Rest assured that BIG Smith News Watch WILL follow up with the police on EACH matter to ensure actions are taken and in cases where actions are not taken, the force will be asked to provide answers and BIG Smith News Watch will let you know of those responses from the force.

This initiative can only be seen as one to assist the police in their efforts to curb the road lawlessness and it will also prove to Guyanese that the Guyana Police Force indeed has a zero tolerance to road lawlessness, irrespective of class.

Traffic Chief Linden Ialse has already committed to working with this initiative and it is now up to you the citizens to give the police that support.

You the members of the public are encourage as far as possible to include the registration number of vehicles, place and time the videos and or photographs were captured. This will surely assist the police in executing their enforcement.


Names and contact numbers submitted to CITA are only for our internal cross checking purposes and will NEVER be shared with the police or to social media