Drone spotted flying above presidential convoy prompted investigation

Several well-placed sources have confirmed that sources have confirmed that some time ago a drone which was spotted on the East Bank Demerara as the presidential convoy was in motion has been forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Department for investigation.

BIG Smith Crime Watch was told that while the sighting of the drone did not last for too long, its movement in an angle that allowed aerial coverage of the presidential convoy did raise red flags for those responsible for the security of the president.

According to what was communicated to BIG Smith Crime Watch, personnel attached to the presidential security detail and  close protection are usually on high alert and would often look for anything outside the norm and it was this posture that caused them to spot the drone.

Initial investigation conducted by the Criminal Investigation were geared at determining who controlled the drone, if the drone was being operated for commercial or recreational purposes and if its presence in the spotted area was a norm.

BIG Smith Crime Watch was told that the also that based on observation, the drone was not spotted any time after the first sighting or prior.

In January of this year, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority issued a statement where it laid out the guidelines for persons, companies and agencies wishing to operate drone in Guyana.

Among the regulation are that they need to apply to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority who will then review the applications before issuing the operator/s with permission to operate the devices.

A number of individuals and companies including media houses have been employing the use of drones to better enhance their coverage of and more specifically to secure over aerial photographs and videos.