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Young Lindeners ask government to channel energies and resources in specific areas

A section of the gathering during the discussion on Sunday

Investment opportunities, Jobs, sports, professional development, scholarships, infrastructure, social programs and skill training facilities are priority areas young people in Linden want the government to pay attention to.

These views were Sunday when close to  300 young people from Region 10 met with government ministers Charles Ramson and Kwame McCoy in Linden.

Young Lindeners ask government to channel energies and resources in specific areas
Ministers McCoy and Ramson visits a location in Linden where residents want develop into a football field

The engagement followed a ministerial outreach to Region 10 two weeks ago where President Irfaan Ali met with a smaller group of young people.

It was at that meeting and after listening to the many concerns and suggestions raised by the young people that President Ali promised to have a team revisit the region and meet with them in a one-on-one basis and setting.

Sunday during the session, young people were broken up into several groups and assigned facilitators.

Their ideas and concerns were documented and at the end of the session presented on paper.

BIG Smith News Watch was told that the ideas and concerns raised and presented by the young people would be placed into a report format and presented to cabinet for consideration.

Coming from the session on Sunday, it Is also expected to influence government’s development agenda for the Region especially as it relates to opportunities for young people.

Similar activities are expected to take place in the other regions.