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Young lawyer moved to tears during admittance to the Bar

Young lawyer moved to tears during admittance to the Bar

It was an emotional day for one young lady who on Thursday afternoon became the newest member of the legal fraternity and will be operating out of the Law Office of Attorney at Law Dexter Todd.

Attorney at Law Shercola Exeter was moved to tears in the High Court as she stood to express gratitude to those who have helped her along her journey to becoming an Attorney at Law.

A number of family members who were also present at the court to witness the occasion were also moved to tears as they saw the young woman breaking down as she singled out her parents, especially her mother who has been at her side through the journey.

Her petition was presented by Attorney at Law Dexter Todd to Justice Simone Morris- Ramlall at th4e Supreme Court in Georgetown.

Todd in his submission told the court that he became familiar with the now Attorney at Law Shercola Exeter since she was a child as her mother and him worked together in the Guyana Police Force and.

Young lawyer moved to tears during admittance to the Bar
Attorney at Law Shercola Exeter, (second from left) is flanked y Attorneys at law Dexter Smartt and Attorneys at Dexter Too pose with a photo of Justice Simo Ramlall.

Todd described the young attorney as a woman who has many qualities, key among them is her love for the profession and the dedication that she shows… she is also an avid fashion lover as was evident in her appearance on Thursday.

Young lawyer moved to tears during admittance to the Bar
Justice Ramlall is flanked by Attorney at Law Shercola Exeter and her parents.


“To my Parents, may I never forget the important values you have instilled in me and the great sacrifices you made to meet my educational needs despite your budget constraints which cannot be gainsaid. Without you, I would not have made it through law school, period.” Attorney at Law Exeter said as she broke down.

The young Attorney explained that when she left for Trinidad and Tobago to study, she was not sure how possible it would have been for her to make it in through Law School without her mother by her side. However, her mother was absent but still very present as she ensured that she called her baby girl every day to ensure that she was getting along ok. She also spoke of her father who encouraged her to pursue a career, not a job.

“With that being said today is my parents’ day. Take a bow.”

Justice Ramlall in her acceptance of the petition from Mr. Todd encouraged the young Attorney at Law to make very good decisions and to also be mindful of her associations and positions she takes on issues.

Attorney at Law Shercola Exeter holds a Bachelor Degree in Law, Legal Education Certificate, Certificate in International Criminal Law and Oil, a certificate in Gas Industry Operations and Markets.

Attorney at Law grew up in the East Ruimveldt community and attended the St. Rose’s High School where she completed her secondary school in 2015. she started University the following year.

In 2018 she started her first legal job in the Office of Dexter Todd and Associates where she worked as a legal researcher and performed well in that capacity.