Writings on the wall; the mind-set of a prisoner

Photos by Ronda Floris and Leroy Smith 

During a visit to the Timehri Prisons, East Bank Demerara on Sunday where the BIG Smith Crime Watch accompanied Minister of Youth Affairs Simona Broomes,  Broomes goes to jail on Mothers Day there were several things which were observed by our team.

Among them were the many writings on the wall which tells so many stories about what goes on the minds of prions. It is evident from these writings that some prisoners have use their time behind bars to reflect on what is and what was.

The BIG Smith Crime has decided to share those writings here with a view that it can be used a teaching tool, especially for young people who we hope can read between the lines and understand that while prisons are not made for animals, it is still a place that no human should want to end up.

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