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woman kills man who choked her, threatens to throw her into fire

Woman takes her life after checking into short-time hotel

Thirty Five-Year-old Clarence Williams was on Sunday killed by his reputed wife whom he threatened to force into a burning fire while he was under the influence of alcohol.

BIG Smith News Watch has been told that on Sunday, the 35-year-old miner of Big Cannaballi Barima Waini River, North West district made the threat to his 32-year-old reputed wife.

This publication was told that after the man threatened to push the woman into the fire, an argument ensued and the deceased ran behind the woman and choked her by the neck. The woman who had a knife in her hands at the time dealt Williams two stabs to his groin.

According to what was communicated to BIG Smith News Watch, prior to the incident, Williams pulled the woman out of a church service and ordered her to cook for him and it was while cooking that he assaulted her again and things became ugly.

We were told that after stabbing the man the woman ran into the kitchen. It was related that the woman was cleaning fish at the time the man was making the threats to her on the day in question.

After the woman stabbed the man, he went to bed where he was found to be motionless shortly after.

Police detectives who visited the scene examined the manโ€™s body and found that he had three stab wounds which were observed in the upper right leg next to the groin.

Detectives also recovered a knife which they suspect to be the weapon. The suspect also provided the police with a signed statement and is cooperating with the detectives.