Woman fears for her safety as ex-con partner targets her

Forty-six-year-old Michelle Nieuenkerk a mother of six and nursery school teacher is once again living in fear as her jilted ex-lover who was recently released from prison is threatening to end her life.

The teary woman in an interview with this publication stated,  “I really can’t deal with this right now. I don’t have a choice; maybe I will have to leave my job and go far away because I don’t want to put my children’s safety in jeopardy and that’s the only alternative. I can’t deal with this.”

The woman said since her 39-year-old ex-lover Stravo Evans was recently released from prison after serving a two years’ sentence for possession of an illegal gun and ammunition. Ever since his release,  Nieuenkerk said that the man has been calling and messaging her phone.

“One night a phone call came in and I was in my bed so I answered the phone and it was Stravo and he pleaded that he’s sorry for what he did and he won’t do me anything.”

According to the teacher, she has been pleading with Evans to move on with his. She said that Evans is insisting that they meet and talk over things. But after refusing his request, Nieuenkerk related that her ex-partner has been bombarding her phone with calls.

Nieuenkerk recalled that she was at home on Thursday, and at around 14:00 hrs, she received a message on her phone from Evans and she did not reply. Around 17:53 hrs, she was at her bread stand selling when Evans drove up in a car and began threatening her and using a series of expletives.

She told this publication that Evans has vowed to continue “disrespecting her.” Luckily, at the time, the woman was sitting beside her two uncles-in-law. The fearful woman said she reported the incident to the Ruimveldt Police Station where police ranks advised her to take out a restraining order against Evans.

Nieuenkerk is claiming that the police rank did not write her statement. Also, the woman feels that a restraining order will not protect her from her stalking ex. “To be truthful, restraining order doesn’t make sense. It won’t work against a man like Evans.”  After leaving the station, she said that Evans followed her to her stand and continued threatening her.

“I didn’t say anything, I was sitting with my aunt this time and he asked my aunt for an excuse and she got up and went and speak with him. “ I don’t know what he told her but I heard her saying you can’t do that, that’s my niece.”

The frustrated woman added, “I have made up my mind whatever Stravo Evans wants to do me that’s it, apparently this is what I have to go through and this reminds me of my mother with my father. This is what he used to do to her and she had to run away and leave us.”

The woman said she is planning to talk to her superiors at the Ministry of Education to see if she can probably get some sort of early retirement or resign and leave because “she knows where this situation is headed.” Nieuenkerk continued, “ I don’t need to play a hero, this exact thing is what my mom went through and sometimes I ask myself if I’m paying for my father’s sins. It is not easy living like this. God knows best and all I’m asking for is protection for me and my little daughter who has to go to school.”

She stated that she would normally have to attend school when the need arises and she certain that if Evans catches her by herself he will harm her.

“ I am fed up, I can’t take it anymore. My biggest fear at the moment is walking through Albouystown to go to school and he comes out from a corner and harm me.”

 The teacher said the most recent incident took place last evening around 23:15 hrs. According to her, she was asleep when she heard a horn blowing outside of her home. She added that when she looked through the window, she saw Evans honking the horn. The ordeal, she noted, lasted for about four minutes.

The woman added that before Evans went to prison he was in the habit of driving up next to her and threatening her with a pair of scissors. She added that this would take place in the full view of other persons who were reluctant to render assistance.

Nieuenkerk broke off her two-year relationship in July of 2019 after constant abuse by Evans. Soon after the woman ended the relationship, Evans threatened to kill her and harm her son. He even showed up at her workplace and threatened to kill her. He even went as far as sending her photos of himself holding a gun to her WhatsApp and threatening to disfigured her face.

Evans who is a taxi driver is no stranger to the court. He was previously charged for illegal gun and ammo possession, robbery under-arms, murder, and abduction.

In July 2018, he was sentenced in absentia to four years’ imprisonment for illegal gun and ammunition possession. He was captured by the Police in December 2019, hiding among water coconuts in the tray of a truck on his way to the Pomeroon. He was promptly escorted to the prison to begin serving his sentence. This publication understands that he was recently discharged from prison on this matter.

In 2015, Evans, who is last known to be living at Albouystown, Georgetown was charged in relation to a $42 million broad daylight robbery that took place at the Bourda Post Office. It is unclear at this time what was the outcome of this matter.

In the meantime, Evans and another man are awaiting trial at the High Court for abduction.