Woman dies in accident on Essequibo Coast; police boyfriend under close arrest  

An argument between a police constable and his twenty-six year old girlfriend may have resulted in a fatal accident earlier this afternoon on the Essequibo Coast. Reports are that during the drive, the woman allegedly grabbed hold of the steering wheel, and aggressively maneuverer it; resulting in the crash.

The woman has been identified as Simona Williams, a resident of Good Hope, Essequibo Coast. Her boyfriend Terry Samuels who is a 23 year-old year traffic rank from Good Hope East coast Demerara is attached to the Suddie Police Station.

This publication understands that sometime around 11:30 hrs. today, Samuels picked up his girlfriend in motor car PMM 5509 and was proceeding to Anna Regina.

While returning home, it is said an argument erupted between the couple. During that time, it is alleged that the woman grabbed the steering wheel which led the vehicle to collide with motor Car PPP 4196 while on Hibernia Public Road. PPP 4196 was packed.

Williams received injuries to her left wrist. She was taken out of the car by public spirited citizens and rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police indicated that  Constable Samuels is under close arrest, as investigations continue.