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Woman and 2-Y-O grandson killed in river mishap; Grandpa detained

The bodies of the woman and child lay as it lay in the hospital

A two year old child and his grandmother are now dead filling a boat mishap which took place just after midnight on Friday in Lower Pomeroon.

Dead are 2 year old Marley Henry and 38 year old Agatha Gill both of Friendship Canal Lower Pomeroon.

BIG Smith News Watch has been told that the two were in a wooden boat powered by a horsepower engine and driven by the highly intoxicated husband of the dead woman, 42 year old Riley Gill.

The incident took place as the three were returning home after the two adults had early left home to go and take a drink and took along with them the two year old boy.

Riley Gill told the police that as he was heading into Friendship Canal, a coconut husk hit the engine propeller and he lost control of the engine’s handle causing the boat to hit the edge of the left bank of the river and the boat capsized.

His wife and grandson were trapped underneath but his efforts to pull them out from underneath the boat were futile as je did not have the strength.

He then called for help and a group of public spirited citizens came to his rescue to assist in turning the boat over after which Riley Gill then pulled his wife and grandchild from underneath the boat in an unconscious state.

They were rushed to the Oscar Joseph District Hospital where they were seen and examined by a Doctor on duty who pronounced the two dead. Their bodies were examined by a police constable who found no marks of violence.

Riley Gill is in custody at the Charity Police Station assisting with investigations.