Will the police be able to prevent this mother of six from being killed?

This photograph of Stravo Evans holding a gun was reportedly sent to Michelle Nieunkerk this morning just after 05:00hs

Forty Five year old Michelle Nieuenkerk a mother of six and nursery school teacher has become a prisoner in her in her own home as her jilted lover who showed up at her school on Thursday to harm her.

Taxi driver Stravo Evans has even told the woman that if she does not leave her house today, he will go right there and ensure her blood runsโ€™

Evans is no stranger to the court, guns and prison. He was before the courts on numerous occasions to answer charges of abduction, murder and robbery. All of which he managed to walk free from.

Nieuenkerk said that she broke off their two year relationship in July of this year after the constant abuse by the man took another notch up with him pelting her with a rock. That matter was reported to the police.

In July the woman messaged BIG Smith Crime Watch with a message which she asked that we hold for safe keeping in the event that something happened to her.

The fearful Michelle, a mother of six children

It was yesterday that she again messaged us inquiring if we still had that message, when we indicated that we do, she said ok. Further questioning of her to see if everything was ok revealed that that the very late yesterday afternoon after school was over she was still unable to leave the compound because the man had showed up to harm her.

Michelle related that she contacted the police at the Ruimveldt Police Station where she related the matter to them and they promised to send a patrol which after two hours still did not show up. After BIG Smith Crime Watch made contact with the Police Division 4 โ€˜Aโ€™ Operations room, we spoke with a woman Inspector Ali who immediately dispatched a patrol and escorted the woman from her school to the station where a report and statement was taken from her.

Following that the woman was escorted to her home by the police who reportedly searched her house and surrounding to ensure that the aggressor was not on the premises and the woman was asked to secure herself inside.

(A copy of this recording has been provided to the police. They are several voice notes which have been fused together)

During the course of this morning, the woman began messaging BIG Smith Crime Watch again, this time with images of Evans holding a gun and voice noted which were reportedly sent to her by Evans who made it very clear that he was going to kill her today and even if she does not leave her home, he will go to her house. Threats have also been made against her children. It should be noted that Evans was previously before the court for armed robbery, abduction and murder. The woman said that when she started her relationship with the man, she was not aware of his previous run-ins with the law.

Contact with made with Crime Chief acting Michael Kingston who indicated that he will be immediately contacting the Divisional Detective so that the womanโ€™s matter can be addressed and that Evans is picked up as part of the now ongoing police investigation. The police have also been provided with the recordings of the voice notes which were sent to the mother of six.

Evan is said to be a taxi driver who operates mostly from the Middle Road LaPenitence area, he operates motorcar HC 5463 which was described as a sliver grey 212. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of this man is asked to contact the nearest police station.

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