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WEST BERBICE MURDERS: President told killings targeted 3 out of 4 friends

The relatives of the three murdered Berbice teens, Haresh Singh, Joel and Isaiah Henry, today told President Irfaan Ali that are now receiving reports that the deaths of the boys may be gang-related.

Against this backdrop, the parents of the boys are calling on the police to do their work, and residents of the communities along the West Berbice corridor not obstruct the police operations and investigations.

President Ali in conversation with the parents of Haresh Singh

While visiting the relatives this morning at Number 3 Village in West Berbice, the president was told that all three of the young men who were murdered were associated with each other, and would usually hang out together.

There is a fourth young man, who is also from the group, who would normally hang out with the boys and this morning, the mother of that boy told the president that she is very concerned for the safety of her son, and called on the police to get to the bottom of what really transpired.

There has been speculation that the boys might have become aware of alleged illegal activities which take place in the backdam along West Berbice, but the police have not come out to confirm or deny that claim.

President Al talks with the mother of Joel Henry

It was also during this morning’s meeting with the president in their village at their respective homes, that the relatives asked the president to ensure that no stone is left unturned in bringing the killers of the boys to justice. The president reassured them of his commitment in getting this done.

The mother of Joel Henry told the president that she still loves him as president, and knows that he will ensure that justice is served in the death of not only her son, but the other boys.

At the home of Isaiah Henry, his father told the president that his visit meant more to the family than a phone call, and the fact that he has finally showed up at the village shows his willingness to get to the bottom of the brutal murders.

President Ali listens to the parents of Isaiah Henry

The parents of Haresh Singh also told the president of how they feel about the investigations, and their expectations of him and the handling of the matter.

Ali promised that he will be with the families throughout the period until justice is served, and when that is done, a process of healing among the communities will be initiated by the Government.

President Ali also visited the relatives of Prettipaul Hargobin, the man who was beaten to death two days ago after he opened fire on a crowd of angry protesters at Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice.