We should all be concerned about petty crimes- Ramjattan

In an invited comment, Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan was quizzed by the press on his position on the Commissioner of Police’s statement two Fridays ago were he, Commissioner of Police Leslie James said that he was not “necessarily bothered” about petty crimes which are taking place in and around Georgetown.

“We should all be concerned about petty crime and big time crime and middle crime…whatever the crime” Security Minister Ramjattan stated.

“I am not necessarily bothered because I am saying that there are a few sensational crimes that are occurring ok; but we noted there might have been a spike but I am saying that in terms of serious crimes at the moment, we have a minus 3.4 percent in serious crimes generally” James responded when he was asked about the crime situation.

“That is probably not the best and wisest of words in the context especially knowing that you have Mr. Smith who is going to come and jump on you like you are jumping on me on this issue.” Ramjattan said when the comments made by the Commissioner of police was repeated to him.

At first the minister sought to suggest that the press was misquoting the Top Cop but after he was assured that the Commissioner’s response came after the questioned was posed to him twice, Ramjattan somewhat retreated in his apparent defense of the commissioner.

Ok well good, crimes of all categories we must all be concerned about but what I am saying here, is not to be used as contradicting, oh minister fighting down is commissioner for a remark he made, that is what you press people feel you can do all the time” the Security Minister said on Thursday.

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of crimes where persons were robbing unsuspecting persons. The commissioner of Police did however assured the press that the force was addressing the issue and that the Crime Chief and Commander 4A were tasked with handling the matter.

It should be noted however, that there seems to be a decrease in these instances from the time the commissioner made his comment today.

Tomorrow Friday, the Guyana Police Force Administration would be unveiling its security posture for the upcoming Christmas season.

Those expected to present their strategy for their span of control are Division 4A commander, Assistant Commissioner Marlon Chapman, Traffic Chief Senior Superintendent Linden Isles and Crime Chief Senior Superintendent Michael Kingston.