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‘We prefer to take the risks than starve’ Market vendors

‘We prefer to take the risks than starve’ Market vendors

Vendors and shoppers in the hustle and bustle in the vicinity of the Stabroek Market area

Much has been said about the clambering of persons around the Stabroek Market area and the vendors who seem to be plying their trade with little or no consideration for the effects of a coronavirus pandemic.

In a recent walkthrough of the area just under the Stabroek Market clock, vendors explained why they have been pushing to come and sell their produce and other items irrespective of the threat to mankind by Covid-19.

“There are two placed where people end up, one is heaven and the other is hell” Chandra Persaud who vends vegetables told BIG Smith News Watch.

Known around the market as Aunty Chandra, she said the interpretation of her phase is quite simple. Those who end up in haven are the rich who have sufficient to eat in times of a crises and those who find themselves in hell are those who risk everything their family during crises periods for a little morsel of bread.

She said the items she sells are responsible for her only source of income and come directly from her garden to the Stabroek Market, something she has been doing for more than a decade.

“I am a big woman who is more vulnerable to contract the virus and even die, business na good like how it been before this virus come to Guyana. The little meh ah mek is wuh me ah toil with fuh pay meh Lil bills and suh” Chandra Persaud told BIG Smith News Watch.

She said they are hearing of a total lockdown and are concerned that it would be very devastating for herself and many others like her. Orin, a candy vendor said that he has been vending candies for more than three years at the location. He said that even in the face of the coronavirus, he still has to try and have his candies sold in order to care for his family.

“I sanitize and use masks, I know that this is not a 100% protection and the best way to safeguard my family is to stay at home but we like what you call the brave hearts and warrior characters in the movies, that is what you can consider people like me right now,” he told this publication.

Clothes vendor, Tracy indicated that everyone on the market knows they are taking a risk by just being out there in the market and coming into contact with so many different persons but it’s not something they can just get up one morning and say they will no longer do.

“We know that it’s a risk we taking, we are frightened too but else can we do? We have children to feed” Tracy told BIG Smith News Watch.

Another vendor pointed out that already they were asked to remain at home for two weeks and that was already hard by itself.

“We had stayed home for two weeks already and it was like living on the edge which is just as scary as Coronavirus” this publication was told.

“We will use our mask, wash our hands and try our best to practice social distancing but the rest will be left in God’s Hands”. Another vendor lamented.

Guyana’s Coronavirus cases have passed the one hundred mark since its ground zero case and that started fears that the Government may be considering a total lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.

BIG Smith News Watch has since contacted a key player in the Covid-19 taskforce who said that no total lockdown of the country is in train for Guyana.

Yesterday the Guyana Police Force indicated that the eight members from the presidential guard were tested positive for the coronavirus. The Press and Publicity officer to the president has however clarified that of that number, number, none of the ranks were part of the VIP protection unit of the guard. The officer also clarified that the president has been working remotely for some time now and was not in contact with ranks who working at the particular section from which the men tested positive.