“We looking at migrants from a humanitarian perspective”- President Ali

President Dr Irfaan Ali made known on Thursday that his government is willing to offer migrants support in livelihood, hygiene and health. He added that he recognized this as a serious issue but there are also security concerns involved. The president was at the time speaking at the opening of the Police Officers’ Conference at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC).

On Tuesday over 100 Venezuelan nationals of the Warrau tribe were escorted out of Region Two following reports of alleged vandalism and illegal occupation. They were flown to a Migrant camp in the North West District.

The president in responding to questions on the arrival of the migrants in the Pomeroon river said Guyana is working closely with international partners to provide humanitarian assistance to the migrants who are fleeing the economic crisis in Venezuela

“We are not running refugee camps here where you cross the border and there is chain-link fence and razor, we are looking at it from a humanitarian perspective,” he said. 

President Ali also clarified that joint services and international partners were meeting to strategize the level of support to be offered.

Chairman of Region one, Brentnol Ashley when contacted by this publication on the status of the migrants. Made known that the migrants are currently being accommodated in Mabaruma at Khan’s Hill and in the Imbotero area.

“Currently the migrants are being provided with food, clothing and shelter, this is being provided by the region and other partners,” he said. 

The United Nations (UN) Refugee Agency revealed in November last year that about 24,500 Venezuelans have migrated to Guyana.