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Water system reduces Moblissa’s reliance on the rain and creeks

Water system reduces Moblissa's reliance on the rain and creeks

The commissioned Water System at Moblissa

Several households that are scattered across the community of Moblissa located miles off the Soesdyke Linden Highway will now have access to running water from a revitalized water system that was commissioned on Friday last.

This comes years after the project which was initially started in 2009 failed to come to finality, forcing residents of the community to walk miles to access water from the nearby creeks which run through the community while rainwater was used by those who had black tanks.

On Friday last, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water Susan Rodrigues visited the community along with the Guyana Water Inc. where the water system was commissioned.

The system comprises a well, several black tanks to store water and a number of standpipes which residents will be able to use in order to access potable water.  The system was set up in a part of the community which is considered to be more central given the scattered formation and make-up of the community.

“The people said a water system was tried in 2017 but that was not completed and I did some investigations and found that the well was actually dug in 2009 under our leadership and we needed a system to activate. I was told that the APNU government embarked on an ambitious program to make the well operable but they were not able to complete it” Minister Rodrigues said.

The minister within explained that in order for the system to become operable and serve the community, the government had to first remedy issues at the site before moving to procure and install a pump, motor system, solar panels and circuit system.

A few households will be connected directly to the system. Given that the community is vastly spread out, running lines directly to every household would be difficult as the pressure would not allow for that at this point. In its current form, the community is now poised to receive running water on a 24 hours basis.

Friday’s commissioning is regarded as Phase 1 of the project since the ministry and GWI are looking to make another well available closer to the areas where the school and health center are located as requested by the residents in that part of the community, one work on that starts, it would be referred to as Phase 2 according to Minister Rodrigues who said the community should see movements in that aspect later this year.