Veteran Guyanese Broadcaster honored by full New Jersey Legislature

Veteran Guyanese Broadcaster – Franklin (Bobby) Vieira was recently the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the full Legislature of the State of New Jersey.

Vieira also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Guyana American Heritage Foundation Inc. He accepted the awards during the hosting of the commemorative celebrations for the 56th Independence Anniversary of Guyana.

The award from the State of New Jersey complemented Vieira for his accomplishments in several areas, including his many years as a broadcaster, promotion of Guyana’s Tourism, Culture and showcasing Guyana’s prominence as a Caribbean destination.

Bobby who is also the CEO of Multi-Cultural Communications also received high praise for his commitment to keeping his country’s flag flying high during his many years while residing in the United States, and also being able to work consistently within the Caribbean Community in the New York area, to promote Caribbean Festivals and Culture through his involvement in the Labor Day Carnival over the decades. He was the anchor of the very popular “World and the Caribbean” television series which showcased various aspects of Caribbean Lifestyles, Cuisines and Tourism Products. This was a weekly show aired in New York for more than five years.

Vieira’s chairmanship of Guyana’s Carnival was also highlighted in the proclamation that accompanied the award, along with his station’s continued drive to assist less fortunate persons in providing food and other needed items to communities across Guyana.

The proclamation was signed by the President of the Senate – Nicholas P. Scutari, Speaker of the Assembly – Craig J Coughlin and attested to by the Senate Secretary and Assembly Clerk.

The Guyana-American Heritage Foundation Lifetime Award was presented by its President, MS Ira Lewis.