Venezuela’s latest act of aggression condemned – Foreign Affairs Ministry

The Government of Guyana condemns what it labelled “act of aggression” by the Venezuelan armed forces and a violation of the sovereignty of Guyana after two two Venezuelan army Sukhoi SU 30 fighter jets flew over the Region Seven community of Eteringbang on Tuesday.

“The incursion of our territory of the two Venezuelan fighter jets is a clear indication that the government of Venezuela is prepared to use aggression and intimidation to accomplish what cannot be accomplished by legal means- the surrender by Guyana of its patrimony,” the Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday, “the Government of Guyana exhorts the Government of Venezuela, and its agents, to behave in a manner consistent with international law and good neighbourly relations,” the Ministry said too.

The government said that the international community will be kept informed of all actions undertaken by Venezuela “to undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Guyana and threaten the peace and security of the region.”

The Ministry said that this latest action follows closely on the heels of: (i) a Decree recently issued by President Nicolas Maduro which purports to establish maritime territory for Venezuela which encompasses Guyana’s territorial waters, EEZ and continental shelf, as well as its land territory west of the Essequibo River; (ii) the illegal interception and detention of two Guyanese fishing vessels and their crew in Guyana’s waters; and (iii) the resolutions of the Special Commission for the Defence of the “Guayana Esequiba” and Territorial Sovereignty which recommended the convening a session of this Special Commission to the Essequibo with the assistance of the Venezuelan armed forces.