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Venezuelan migrants eating out the trash in Mabaruma

A number of migrants from Venezuela who have settled in the Indigenous Community in Mabaruma, Region 1 are searching through the trash for eatables and other items.

The development has left a number of residents from that community concerned at what they call the poor living conditions of the migrants.

Reports coming out of the region suggests that the migrants including children can be seen on a daily basis searching through dumpsites and looking through piles of garbage for In desperate attempts to calm their hunger and survive.

It is suggested that there might be an estimated two hundred migrants living in the Mabaruma area and are concentrated mostly to the north-west district of the region in the KhansHill and Impoteri areas.

Residents of Mabaruma are concerned about the health risks posed to both the region and the immigrants eating out of the trash bins.

“You see them in numbers, overturning plastic bottles and plastic bags. Women and children. When they do find something, it is straight to their mouth it goes” one resident of the community told BIG Smith News Watch.

“I think a serious intervention is needed before there is an out break of diseases. I believe that not only them will be affect but us folks from Mabaruma as well.” Another villager told this publication.

On Thursday last president Irfaan Ali made it known that Guyana is working with joint services and international partners to offer humanitarian aid to the migrants.

The president also noted that joint services and other international partners were meeting to strategize the level of support to be offered.