A child was dropped off at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Thursday night by a car which drove off shortly after.

The child who appears to be just about four of five years told medical staff that a man took his mother in a car and left him there.

According to information reaching the BIG Smith Crime Watch, the child was taken to the facility bare feet around 20.30hrs and up to 1 am Friday morning he was still at the medical facility, in an untidy condition and crying.

One woman said that she was at the facility and observed the child sitting for a while in a wheelchair and when questions were about who accompanied the child to the facility, it became clear that he was abandoned.

When questions were asked about the child, he could not say much but recalled that his motherโ€™s name might be Sandra and his fatherโ€™s name Jango.

There was no confirmation as to if the child attends school and if so, which school.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of this childโ€™s parents or relatives are asked to contact the Guyana Police Force or the Child Care and Protection Agency IMMEDIATELY.

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