UPDATE: Shot bandit identified as Mocha Resident

 The man who was shot and killed this morning by a security guard after he showed up to carry out  a robbery with one bullet in his 9mm pistol has been identified by relatives.

Bandit shows up to robbery with ‘one bullet’; shot dead by security guard

BIG Smith Crime Watch was informed that the man has been identified as 36 year old Nigel Wellington, of Mocha Arcadia, East bank Demerara.

The man was no stranger to the courts and has been before several magistrates for a number of robberies under arm.

He is regarded as a serial robber by those around the court and had his last known court appearance last month. He is said to have been on bail for his various offences.

We were told that within the last hour, the man’s relatives showed up to the police and claimed that they would like to see the remains of the man who was killed on Tuesday morning.

They were then escorted to the funeral parlour where they positively identified the remains to be that of the 36 year old Mocha Resident.

On Tuesday morning at approximately 04:00hrs a man was shot and killed moments after he robbed a chef who had just returned to Guyana and was about to enter his apartment.

In anticipation of the arrival of the persons, the security guard was inside the building as the persons arrived with their vehicle. From all indication there is a suspicions that the bandit might have trailed the persons from the airport or was awaiting their arrival at the premises.

The suspect who was at the time carrying a 9mm pistol, turned around and raised his hand in an apparent attempt to shoot the security guard who shot him to foot, the man did not fall to the ground so another shot was fired which struck the bandit to the shoulder who fell to the ground as he as he attempted to again point the gun at the security guard, still not satisfied with the being shot twice, bandit again reportedly raised his gun towards the security guard who fired at him again hitting him to part of his torso before again registering another bullet which would be the fourth and final bullet which took the bandit’s life.





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