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UPDATE: Collapsed koker door in Essequibo was not built to specification

UPDATE: Collapsed koker door in Essequibo was not built to specification

The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority with support from the Regional Democratic Council in Region 2 and other stakeholders, have managed to bring the situation under control in Good Success, Essequibo after a Koker Door in that community collapsed under pressure of the waves from the Atlantic Ocean.

When  questioned by this publication, Regional Vice Chairman, Humace Oodit explained that the koker door was also not built to specifications causing it to slip out of place.

“We are in the process of doing procurement for the construction of a new door… the new door will not be a lumber door it will be a stainless-steel door that will be installed on the structure, this is what we will be doing to almost all the structures in the region. We already started some doors with stainless steel.” the Regional Vice Chairman told BIG Smith News Watch.

The situation on Thursday caused several cubic meters of water from the Atlantic Ocean to flow inland, initially threating homes and farm lands, particularly lands used for rice cultivation.

Water levels in several trenches and canals also rose significantly in the general community where the koker is located. However, there were immediate interventions which mitigated the impacts associated with such situation.

Some 90 acres of cultivated rice land stood the risk of being affected by the salt water from the Atlantic Ocean within hours of the development. ‘Stop Logs’ which were placed at the breached location on Thursday, tremendously eased the flow of water inland.