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UPDATE: Bodies in Marriott parking lot points to murder suicide of ‘couple’

Following our initial report on Saturday morning about the discovery of the body of American Airline Flight Attendant Justin Teixeira in a car inside the Marriott Hotel Parking Lot, police sources have confirmed that his body was found along his ‘partner’ Richie Hansraj.

Information reaching BIG Smith News Watch suggested that after the bodies were discovered by a staff of the hotel, the hotel’s management was then informed and the police contacted.

When the police arrived, they began their investigation and among other discoveries, were that Richie was kneeling on the floor of the car on the passenger’s side slouch over while Justin was seated inside the driver seat.

Out of consideration for the mourning families, added details which the police came upon when they visited the scene would not be disclosed by this publication at this time.

However both men were seen frothing from their mouths while Justin was found dead with his mouth opened and Richie seems to have had a seizure somewhere during process.

Police sources have indicated to BIG Smith News Watch that they are working with the theory that the men ingested a substance but who first consumed and who consumed after is what will need to be determined by the pathologist.

It was explained to this publication that while the men are said to have been reportedly sharing an intimate relationship, there was an argument earlier as one of them was said to be in the process of making arrangements to get married outside of the relationship they shared.

The bodies of the men were discovered in motorcar PAC 2607 at about 00:55hrs on Saturday morning in the western section of the hotel’s parking lot.

Both men are Guyanese born and while Justin worked as a Flight Attendant, Richie is said to have been involved in the entertainment industry.