Untrained Security Guard ‘accidentally’ shoots self and teen at Bourda

A 20-year-old Security Guard who of C. Mohan Security Services and a 15-year-old are now hospitalized after being shot at around 22:00hrs on Wednesday. The incident occurred in the vicinity of the Bourda Market where the Security Guard, Mohan Mootoo was performing duty at a stall owned by the teen’s brother.

Police said Mootoo told investigators that he was “clearing” his firearm when he “accidentally” discharged a round from the .9MM Taurus pistol. He also told investigators he is not a Supernumerary Constable and is not trained to use a Firearm.

The shot hit his left palm, exited and hit the 15-year-old victim of Newtown Enmore, East Coast Demerara, who was at the time

assisting his brother at the stall to sell. The teen was shot in his right-side abdomen.

At the time, Mootoo was armed with the said security service 9MM Taurus pistol and 10 live matching rOunds of ammunitioon, which were issued to him. The firearm and ammunition were seized and lodged.

Checks were made for the spent shell, but none was found. The teen victim and Mohan Mootoo were escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital where they are receiving medical attention. Their conditions are stable.

Investigations are in progress.