“Unfounded” – Top Cop on allegations that money for informant is missing

“Unfounded,” is how Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie responded to questions about whether monies earmarked to pay an informant in the Joel and Isiah Henry case, is now missing. The Commissioner of Police was at the opening of the Domestic Violence Interview and Virtual Room at Wales Magistrate’s Court on Monday when this publication caught up with him.

“Those allegations are unfounded,” Commissioner Hoppie said as he pointed out that the police do not speak on informants and whether they are paid, “we don’t speak on informants since it can actually jeopardize the lives of these informants and by extension their families.”

The informant has, however, granted several press interviews. With his identity concealed, he has spoken about the information he provided to the police.

There was a $3 million award for any information that would led to the arrest of the killers of cousins Joel and Isiah Henry, whose bodies were found in a backdam on West Coast Berbice.

On Monday, pressed on whether or not any monies were given to the police or any monies are missing from the police, Hoppie would only say that allegation is unfounded.

Up to this morning, the Guyana Police Force was yet to officially confirm or deny that a large sum of money that was to be used to pay an informant went missing.

Over the weekend, the police were asked by the media to respond to reports that the funds are missing. One member of the media using a whatsapp chat set up by the police asked public relations officers Mark Ramoutar and Stan Gouveia to respond to allegations that the $3 million reward listed in the Joel and Isiah Henry matter has disappeared.

That money along with other funds were reportedly under the supervision of two senior officers, the reporter’s query said.¬†Almost one hour after the reporter’s query, Commissioner of Police Nigel Hoppie responded in the said whatsapp group with what seems to be an instruction to the PR unit, not to do any response to the question.

Meanwhile, at least one charge has been dismissed against the men accused of murdering Isiah Henry. These charges have been dismissed for the lack of evidence. The office of the Director of Public Prosecution has since requested of the magistrate, the documents presented in this matter.