UG gets bomb scare; police sweeps facility

Deputy Commissioner Special Branch Nigel Hoppie has conformed to BIG Smith Crime Watch that the Guyana Police Force Criminal Investigation Department is working along with the University of Guyana to address an ongoing bomb threat at the Institution.

“We are aware of it and CID and the bomb squad are currently sweeping the facility” Hoppie told BIG Smith Crime Watch in a telephone interview moments ago.

This morning a social media post surfaced where an individual identifed as Jack Ryan stated that a number of bombs have been planted on the University of Guyana Campus and that the bombs are live and can be activated or deactivated remotely depending on if demands are reached or not.

The individual has also stated that “students must first leave the campus” before the demands are made.

Thus far no demands have been made but the University has since issued a statement to its population informing of a suspension of classes in light of the threats.

A number of exams are currently being written at the facility.

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