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Two workers and dog killed in Region 7 mining camp; rifle missing

Two men were this morning found dead in the mining  camp they work at BlackWater, Cyuni Backdam Region 7 in what is being treated as a robbery murder. A dog was also killed in the process.

The dead employees have been identified as Niles and Richard. It is unclear what the job description Richard has but we were told he is said to be related to the owner of the camp. Niles on the other hand is said to have been the security for the camp.

BIG Smith News Watch has been told that the workers awoke this morning to find the two dead in the respective hammocks they sleep.

One AR-15 Rifle which was said to be carried by Richard is unaccounted for and is suspected to have been taken by the bandits.

Sources are suggesting that the men might have been beaten with a crowbar which was found in close proximity to where the bodies of the men were found.