Two persons to be charged over dumping of expired medical waste

Two citizens, one who whom is a doctor could be charged soon over the dumping of medical waste as well as other documents on a city street in Queenstown.

Solid Waste Director. Walter Narine said that among the persons the city constabulary and the police would be looking for is a city doctor who was evicted from the property and whose items were in the property. The owner of the property would also be charged.

“We have to charge him because he was renting this property and these items belong to him, both of them (the owner) and the doctor we have to charged,” Narine said.

Narine said that it was about 7:30 on Wednesday morning when a solid waste department staffer saw the dumping and tried to stop it. He said he got involved in the matter when persons continued to dump the medical waste. “when we came here, actually the workers were dumping the stuff, ran into the yard and lock up.”

He said there the boxes contain medical waste, documents belonging to the Georgetown Public Hospital and CLICO claims with a doctor’s name on them.

Narine lamented the danger of the medical waste on the streets, “if they get into vagrants hands, there would be a potential disaster,” he said.

“Any type of medical waste, expired drugs you have at home, you call the council and we will provide a skip bin and we would collect it,” Narine said, “medical waste are treated differently from household and commercial waste at the landfill, we first have to inform the landfill, they have to dig a special hole and then we have to bury it away from the pickers,” he explained.

When we spoke to the Narine, the Solid Waste Department was making arrangements to remove the medical waste.