Two new Assistant Commissioners of Police, Sen. Supt, ASP announced

(Long serving Senior Superintendent Kevin Adonis now Assistant Commissioner)

Recently reinstated Superintendent Simon McBean and ‘F’ Division Commander Senior Superintendent Kevin Adonis have been promoted to Assistant Commissioners of Police by the Police Service Commission.

The promotion for McBean comes after being off the job for ten years by virtue of a dismissal while he was studying overseas while for Adonis, his promotion comes just two weeks after being called out by a government Minister for his management of the certain matter in Bartica, ‘F’ Division, the hometown of the Minister.

had it not been for his dismissal from the force, at the time the President was deliberating on his choice for Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioners of Police from among the eight Assistant Commissioner of Police at the time, if McBean was still on the job he would have been the most senior Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Recently reinstated Superintendent Simon McBean now Assistant Commissioner of Police

Two other officers were promoted by the service, they are; Head of Immigration Superintendent Ewart Wray who is now promoted to Senior Superintendent and former best Cop, Cadet Officer Jermaine Dufu who is now promoted to Assistant Superintendent. BIG Smith Crime Watch has been informed that the promotions came after a two hour session at the Police Officers Training Complex at Eve Leary between senior officers and Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Paul Slowe.

McBean and Adonis promotions also comes at a time when a number of senior officers are preparing to head into pre-retirement leave including ‘A’ Division Commander Marlon Chapman and Commander ‘B’ Division Paul Langevine.

Head of Immigration, Superintendent Ewart Wray now Senior Superintendent

With an election season approaching and the likelihood that a day for elections could be announced today, Friday by President David Granger, It is unclear if the Guyana Police Force will go ahead and allow those senior officers who are slated for annualized leave and especially pre-retirement leave to go ahead as planned.

Usually in the lead up to elections, the force tries its utmost to keep its seasoned and senior police officers on the job to provide the much needed support and manpower but are then allowed to proceed on their various forms of leave after the election seasons are over.

Former Best Cop and Cadet Officer Jermaine Dufu now Assistant Superintendent of Police

With this new police administration, it is unclear if that posture will be adopted.


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