Two killed as cars drag race in Port Kaituma

Motorcar PNN 4932 in its distress position under motor lorry GRR 9394 on Wednesday afternoon

Police in Port Kaituma, Region 1 are investigating in a fatal accident which resulted in two fatalities as a consequence of a drag race between two motorists on Wednesday afternoon at approximately 14:00hrs

Dead are Lennox Jones of Fitztbury, Port Kaituma and Kim Cato 64 years old of Citrus Grove, Port Kaituma.

Police sources have indicated to BIG Smith Crime Watch that the car in which the two were in, PNN 4932 slammed head on into a truck GRR 9394.That truck was at the time being driven by one James Welcome of Vigilance, East Coast Demerara.

Traffic investigators were told that the truck was proceeding at a fast pace along the trail as it was heading up a hill while mother car PNN 4932 which was travelling in the opposite direction, also at a fast pace along with another car which is yet to be located, were racing down the hill side by side.

As a result of the action of the driver of the other vehicle, Lennox reportedly collided with the motor lorry killing himself and his passenger instantly as the car became pinned under the truck.

Later in the after as the police investigation into the accident continued, the ranks were able to ascertain who the other driver was that was racing with Lennox, he was subsequently arrested and is assisting the police with their investigations.