Two former cops each sentenced to 25 years in jail for rape

Delon Chapman and Leon Ashby- the two former Policemen who were found guilty of raping a woman back in 2018 at the Turkeyen Police Station- were each sentenced to 25 years imprisonment by Justice Jo Ann Barlow. The custodial sentence was handed down on Thursday at the High Court in Demerara.

Before his clients were sentenced, lawyer Ravindra Mohabir urged the court to consider their age and the fact that they both have children to support. The lawyer said that his clients show great prospects of rehabilitation. Both Champan, 29, and Ashby, 35, are maintaining their innocence.

When asked if he had anything to say before sentencing was passed, Chapman said, “I just want to say that I am innocent and if this matter ever retry again I just want y’all to understand that none of this never happened. Meanwhile, Ashby stated that he was not given a fair trial.

“I have been a law-abiding citizen all my life. I have been in the Guyana Police Force for 12 years and I have risked my life and all kinds of things. This did not happen and when my family provide a lawyer and appeal this case, I hope you can retry this case and give me a fair trial,” Ashby told the judge.

In her sentencing remarks, Justice Barlow noted that a “serious breach of trust” occurred when the then Policemen who swore to serve and protect, violated a citizen in such a manner. The justice further noted that the convicts have maintained their innocence despite a verdict by a jury of their peers.

In the end, the judge sentenced each of them to 25 years in prison. Justice Barlow further ordered that they undergo counselling sessions tailored for persons convicted of sexual offences.

Chapman and Ashby had initially denied the joint charge which stated that on January 1, 2018, in the county of Demerara, they engaged in sexual penetration with a woman without her consent. However, a 12-member mixed jury found them unanimously guilty of the crime.

It was previously reported on the day in question, the woman went to the Turkeyen Police Station to make a report against an individual who had thrown a squib on her son.

While at the station, the woman asked to use the washroom which was at the top flat of the building. It was reported that, while there, the woman was attacked and raped by the two former Policemen.

State Counsel Sarah Martin led the case for the prosecution.