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Two drivers killed in 3-vehicle smashup

The two cars which suffered the most damage and whose drivers are now dead

Two male drivers were killed Saturday night following a accident Sunday morning at Liliendaal Railway Embankment East Coast Demerara.

The name of only one driver is known at this time. He has been identified as Devaskar Jetoo who was driving HC 6244. Occupants from at least one of the vehicles were also taken for medical attention at they were pulled from the wreck in unconscious states.

On Saturday night, motorcar PWW was heading west (to georgetown) at a high speed when the driver attempted to overtake motorcar PMM 1172. During the process motorcar HC 6244 was proceeding in the opposite direction and as PWW 3133 attempted to merge back into its rightful lane, the vehicle clipped the front right since of PMM 1172. The driver of PWW 3133 then lost control and slammed into HC 6244.

All three vehicles suffered extensive damage as a result of the crash. The police were on the scene and immediately began conducting their investigations shortly after the accident.

We were told that the drivers killed in the crash were those driving PWW 3313 and HC 6244 respectively.

The driver of HC 6244 was said to be pinned in his vehicle for a lengthy time after the accident while the driver and occupants of PWW 3133 were the ones removed from that vehicle in unconscious conditions.