“Two colors” not being singled out – sources

DPP accused of victimization in jail cell video

As prisoner Lennox Wayne made a public appeal calling for an early trial, sources close to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution are contending that with the pandemic only one trial can be conducted at a time.

Wayne, known as “two colours” in a video released recently singled out the DPP Shalimar Ali-Hack as he accused her of preventing his retrial.

Wayne was jointly charged with Melroy Doris for the 2014 murder of Ashmini Harriram. His last trail in 2017 ended in a hung jury. He remains incarcerated.

Sources close to the office of the DPP explained that the pandemic has affected the frequency of trials as one source said that the prison system cannot facilitate simultaneous virtual trials.

“The courts are not doing matters that have more than one accused apparently, the prison system can only accommodate one accused at a time virtually,” the source said.

Speaking directly to Wayne’s matter, the source said that Wayne had indicated to the state “his interest to plead guilty on 2 occasions” but later changed his mind.

Wayne in the video seen by this publication is contending that the DPP is “deliberately” keeping him behind bars.

“I showed where I was at the present comment when the Lusignan cosmetologist murder take place, all I need from you is a fair trial, give me a fair trial,” Wayne pleaded, “Stop victimizing me, you are victimizing me, stop doing it,” Wayne said in the video.