Trican Developments Inc. to showcase plans for luxury condos and offices at Building Expo

The much anticipated International Building Expo 2022 gets underway at the Guyana National Stadium on Friday, July 22, 2022 with many manufacturers, developers, contractors and other stakeholders planning to showcase what they have to offer. Offering its new and innovative condominiums and office complex, Trican Developments Inc. will be there to showcase its plans in the construction sector.

The business in a statement said it recognizes the need for premium living and working facilities in Guyana and want to contribute to the formation of a modern Guyana.

“Our vision is to create world-class real estate products for our corporate and residential clients and as an expression of our commitment to the formation of a modern Guyana,” Trican Developments Inc. noted.

Combining the talent of its investors, Trican’s goal is to create enjoyable living and working experiences through carefully crafted architecture and interior designs while merging local culture with state-of-the-art facilities for both comfort and luxury.

This will be done with the construction of 10-storey condominiums and office development complemented by uniquely woven outside facades, courtyards, rooftop gardens and green spaces.

“Our bespoke concepts along with our talented and highly qualified team will deliver the highest quality to immerse prospective clients in a stable and peaceful environment,”  it promised.

The company said its mission is to present a relaxing and entertaining environment, furnished with all amenities in which both residential and corporate clients feel welcomed, productive and inspired. Our buildings are designed to maximize functionality with their smart features and carefully crafted designs.

The planned start date for the project is the last quarter of 2022 and is expected to be completed by 2025