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Top Cop Hicken activates religious policies for Police Force

Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken back in April as he and members of the force at Eve Leary engage in a day of prayer 

Commissioner of Police Clifton Hicken has decided to go ahead and implement a religious policy within the Guyana Police Force that would see special areas within police stations and divisions being prepared and designated for prayers and worship by ranks of the various religious groupings.

As of Monday Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and persons representing other religious faiths, would have a place to worship. The force has also given strict instructions to Regional and Branch heads that time off MUST be given to those who seek to go to their prayer or worship rooms within the specified time.

Muslims are given between the hours of 12:00 and 14:00 pm to do their prayers. The Christians have been given the hours from 17:00 to 18:00hrs.

“Commanders, Police Regional Divisions 1-10, Heads of Department and Branch must identify and allocate a space/room designated for religious worship. Members of the Force that apply for time off to engage in worship must be granted permission for the same” the document noted.

The Commanders and Branch heads are also expected to ensure that adequate time and space are given for policemen and women from every other religious background to have their time of prayer and worship.

But it is not only prayers and worship that the force is focusing on. As of Monday also, cooking will be done differently within the organization as utensils. Pork, beef, chicken, and fish will all have their separate utensils.

These implementations are being done in accordance with the Police Force Standing Order No.12 (32) and Rule H34 of the Public Service Rules of 2004.

It should be noted too, that these policies were recommended to the Guyana Police Force years ago in a number of separate police reform documents but were never implemented over the years.