Top Cop heading investigation into Deputy Commissioner Williams

Deputy Commisioner Williams at left and Top Cop Leslie James right

Commissioner of Police Leslie James on Tuesday confirmed that a probe has been ordered into a recording which named a Deputy Commissioner of Police in contract fixing and other alleged inappropriate conduct with junior female police ranks.

“It came to our attention following that recording and I ordered a probe which is currently under way. I am the person who is heading that probe and of course on completion, we will seek some advice, the very probe that you refer to” James told a news conference.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Paul Williams based on an online news report some three weeks ago was accused of ensuring that persons he is familiar with, are awarded counteracts to lecture at the within the Guyana Police Force. The online report also suggested that the Deputy Commissioner of Police was also involved with a number of female police ranks who are junior to him. At today’s press conference, Deputy Commissioner Williams was not present.

A few weeks back, Deputy Commissioner of Police Maxine Graham was tasked with conducting a probe into the contents of the recording. That instruction was given to her while Commissioner of Police Leslie James was out of the country.

However it was shortly after Graham began working on the matter that Commissioner of Police Leslie James returned and he took over the investigation into the matter. BIG Smith News Watch has been informed that Commisisoner Leslie James is the sole person dealing with the matter.

Last week Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan told the press that he was not aware of the probe into Williams or any other Deputy Commissioner. He also stressed that matters of that ought to have been brought to his attention especially given the seriousness of the allegations. Deputy Commissioner of Police under internal probe