Top Cop attends ACCP Conference in Miami.

Commissioner of Police (ag) among the attendees of the ACCP Inter-Sessional meeting

– urges modern approach and positive relations with stakeholders.

Commissioner of Police (ag) Clifton Hicken is presently in Miami Florida, attending the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) Inter-Sessional Meeting.

Commissionerof Police (ag) Clifton Hicken

The two-day conference which opens today, is being kept at the Sheraton Miami Airport Hotel & Executive Meeting Center in Miami Florida (US).

In his address, Commissioner Hicken noted that in contemporary policing, working in isolation is not the way forward, as the right cooperation is very necessary and partnership is relevant.

He remarked that it is imperative to understand that with the changing environment, appropriate actions should be taken only after fully understanding and appreciating what is being dealt with.

Commissioner Hicken pointed out that many fail to understand that opportunities and threats out there will change every day, and while some things may be relevant today, they will not be relevant tomorrow.

He reiterated the need to have collaboration in order for the creation of a certain degree of standardization, noting the importance of ensuring and maintaining the strengths of partnerships.

The Commissioner said that best practice is necessary in order to be the best law enforcement agencies.
Hicken emphasized the importance of a healthy relation with stakeholders so as to avoid isolation and conflict.

He contended that each presentation held valuable insights and encouraged those present to grab onto the experiences that will be shared and use it to make a difference.