There is a place for Ramayya

Veersammy Ramayya is on his way to another government job. The Former Alliance for Change member of parliament and former Regional Executive Officer sat with President Irfaan Ali during his outreach to the Ancient county on Friday morning. The President in announcing the launch of a Rapid Response Technical Team to aid the resolution of community issues, said that he Dr Ramayya will be “added to this team very shortly”.

“Dr Ramayya would be definitely playing a role at the Regional level,” is all the Head of State would say when asked directly about Ramayya’s role. President Ali explained that the government is now structuring its regional and national components and various roles would be defined.

Ramayya resigned from the AFC In 2016 while that party was in government as part of the Coalition. In 2017, he signalled his intention to throw his support behind the then opposition PPP/C. Ramayyah was once the Regional Executive Officer of Region Six.