The Give Another Chance Foundation launches emotional intelligence course

One organization is working against the odds to ensure its part is done in assisting and the promotion of well-being.

Give Another Chance Foundation (GACF) has been able to rise above the odds and continue to offer assistance through the launching of their new Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Course.

Vice President of the organization, Nareema Khan said the initiative, which was launched at the beginning of February, was created to “promote and implement Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in Guyana”.

The program, Khan said, will serve the population well as she believes it is extremely important for one to develop their emotional intelligence.

“We believe that emotions are a valuable resource to help us gain insight, strengthen connection, and fuel purpose. By raising awareness about the value of emotions and connecting that to wellbeing and children’s rights, we can support people to build a better world now and into the future,” Khan detailed.

She highlighted the challenges faced by children during the pandemic as she said isolation continues to cause distress.

“With the ongoing pandemic, Social Emotional Learning has become even more important because our kids are facing or being placed into heavily stressful situations,” she stressed.

The 21-year-old EQ educator explained that the expected achievements of the training program are multifaceted.

“The goals of SEL are to promote students’ self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship, and responsible decision-making skills,” Khan highlighted. “These, in turn, provide the foundation for individuals to be more successful at school, in relationships, at home and [at] the workplace.

With Social Emotional Learning Day being held on March 26, GACF is planning to raise awareness about the importance of SEL by hosting programs and other events to recognize same.

“We are hoping to use this day to help raise more awareness by promoting and advocating for SEL…we also plan to launch a social media campaign to achieve this,” Khan promised.

Khan asserted that the onus is on the educators, be it parents or actual teachers, to first learn the skill of emotional intelligence so that the next generation can be given the necessary tools to implement these techniques into their everyday lives.

“For effective SEL [to occur], we must start with our educators, our teachers, our parents…We need to build their capacities in order for them to help our kids to effectively build their EQ,” she stated.

The course, which is titled ‘Wisdom Through EQ’, will be used to facilitate the training of teachers, psychologists, and volunteers across the country.

“Through international partner BYODestiny, the foundation is funding the group to receive professional training in order to better equip them to join the movement of EQ and SEL in Guyana,” a release from the organization said.

Practically, those involved in the course will complete four weeks or 6-8 hours of instruction, which is provided through written, video, and audio learning modules, as well as two video conference meetings.

The course will include practical EQ tools such as exercises, practices, aptitude tests, and a comprehensive study workbook and reflection journal.

“Each participant will develop the following competencies: enhancing emotional literacy, recognizing emotional patterns, consequential thinking, navigating emotions, intrinsic motivation, optimism, empathy and pursuit of noble goals,” the foundation’s release said.

The foundation mentioned that it is important to note that the course cannot be a basic theoretical course but must be as practical as possible in order to be effective.

“The best part of EQ is that it is 100% teachable and learnable but it cannot be taught with the use of textbooks or lectures…it has to be practiced,” the release read. “Small acts of kindness, empathy, [and] forgiveness all adds to the development on [one’s] EQ”.

Facilitators of the course have been appropriately certified to conduct these training sessions.

President of the organization, Alechia Amos, is currently pursuing certification in the Study of Mindfulness, which coincides with the work required for Emotional Intelligence by teaching how to effectively acknowledge and deal with one’s emotions.

Khan and other members of the organization have been trained as EQ educators.

The foundation has said that it is committed to teaching EQ through the implementation of Social Emotional Learning across Guyana.

The organization hopes that it can collaborate with the Ministry of Education (MOE) so that the program can rolled out in schools across the country.

Interested individuals can sign up for the program and find more information on the website

Give A Chance Foundation was founded in 2008 by Miranda Thakur-Deen.