Temporary ban of jet skis/boats in MMA done without “due diligence”

A temporary bank to jet skis and jet boats in the (Mahaica/Mahaicony/Abary-Agricultural Development/Authority) Block was done without a proper inquiry and due diligence says businessman Reginald Baichan.

The ban was which took effect from June 15th and which was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture said that anyone found operating jet skis, jet boats and airboats would face penalties.

                                               Public Notice issued by the Ministry of Agriculture

In a statement issued by Baichan, he explained that he understands that the ban was imposed shortly after a resident complained to a minister of government.

The complaint was shown in a live video on social media, “When these jet skis come, especially on Sundays, they’re sporting, they’re having fun, they’re under the influence of alcohol and they’re speeding across this river all the time,” the man can be heard saying, “you have small children coming over and going over, they don’t care at all. When you talk to them, they coming in our area to curse us and behave bad. The jet boats coming and hunt and they taking all the animals – the babies, [inaudible] and we can’t say anything.”

But Baichan labelled the allegations “deeply offensive,” as he said he has never been engaged in such behaviour.

“The use of jet skis in the area is strictly recreational, with no intent to cause harm, or disrupt the daily activities of residents. Persons operating jet skis and jet boats are neither intoxicated nor reckless when doing so; I, for one, do not consume alcohol, and would not operate a personal watercraft in any manner that would endanger another human being,” he said in his statement, “In addition to this, jet skis and jet boats do not generate waves significant enough to cause any damage to the area.”

Baichan explained that he has used the very jet boats and jet skis to distribute hampers personally during a relief exercise to two villages along the Upper Demerara River.

“It is disappointing that the Ministry of Agriculture imposed a ban, rather than doing the necessary due diligence in investigating the matter to address the resident’s concern, while being fair to jet ski and jet boat owners. We are law-abiding citizens, not trespassers.”