Taxi driver remanded for allegedly raping woman

A taxi driver who was previously charged with tying up and raping three women has once again found himself before the courts on a similar charge.

36-year-old Thurston Semple of Georgetown, appeared Friday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

Semple was not required to plead to the indictable charged which stated that Between February 24, 2021, and February 25, 2021, at Georgetown, he engaged in sexual penetration with a woman without her consent.

He was remanded to prison until March 11, 2021. When given a chance to address the court, Semple denied raping the woman and said that the allegation was nothing but “lies”.

According to reports, Semple would normally pay women to have sex with him and he usually takes them to his home to perform the act.

According to reports, on February 24, 2021, the virtual complainant was at a location in Georgetown when Semple drove up in his vehicle and she went and talk to him.

A few hours later, it was reported that Semple returned and made arrangements with the woman to have sex with her. In turn, she reportedly agreed to a payment of $10,000.

The two then left in his car to his residence. The court heard on arrival at his home, she went into his house and sat on the bed, and had a cigarette to smoke. She then took off her clothes and the two began to have sex.

Based on reports, a few minutes later the woman complained that her vagina was hurting and Semple told her she will have to perform oral sex on him, but she refused. Semple allegedly then threatened her with a knife and assaulted her to her face and body.

The fearful woman managed to escape by jumping through a window of his home.

It is alleged that Semple then ran behind her while being armed with a knife. Neighbours who saw the woman in the yard naked called the police and a mobile patrol was dispatched.

On arrival at the scene, the police were informed by residents that the man had beaten the woman who was in a semi-conscious state and covered with a sheet.

The police summoned the ambulance while arresting Semple. The virtual complainant was taken to the admitted to hospital.

In 2017, Semple was charged for allegedly raping a woman. It was reported that Semple met the woman at a nightclub and took her to a hotel where he had sex with her against her will. He was later arrested and charged.

Meanwhile, in January of 2018, Semple was charged for allegedly tying up two sex workers on separate occasions and raping them. The court heard the Semple took the women to his home where he promised to pay them $10,000 each to perform sexual acts on him. When the acts were completed, Semple tied the women’s hands and feet and took them to the location where he met them, dropped them off, and drove off without paying.

The women reported the matter to the police station. Semple was later arrested and charged. Following a preliminary inquiry (PI), a sufficient case was made out against Semple. As such, he was committed to stand trial before a judge and jury at the Demerara High Court.

He was granted bail pending the trial.