Suspects in elderly rape case released

Justice maybe illusive for an elderly victim who is now recovering after being beaten and raped. The police have since released four men who were arrested in connection with the crime.

Regional Commander Jairam Ramlakhan said that while there was no admission of the crime by the four men, the 72 hours for detention had elapsed, hence their release.

Ramlakhan, however noted that the police are still working on additional leads into the crime with the hope of bringing those responsible to justice.

He said that DNA samples were also taken from the victim but the Regional Commander could not say  when the results will return. He says in the meantime, files have been prepared and  sent to the Director of Public Prosecution for advice.

On Tuesday, the elderly woman was discovered in her home by her caretaker, with bruises about her body. The woman recalled seeing the bruises and upon closer examination and speaking to the woman, she recounted that she was beaten.

Meanwhile the Minister of Human Service and Social Security Hon. Dr Vindhya Persaud at the weekend had visited the elderly woman and has committed to assisting the woman and the caretaker to ensure she is cared for.