Suspect who gunned down Queenstown youth still at large.

After almost a week, the suspect who reportedly gunned down twenty-two-year-old Keon McLennan, is still at large. This information was confirmed by senior police sources within the Region Two Division earlier today.

Police have since confirmed the identity of the suspect, as that of Shemroy Hackett.

According to reports reaching the Big Smith News Watch, Hackett is no stranger to police, as he was convicted in 2016 for six counts of robbery under arms. During the said time, he was also charged with two counts of discharging a loaded firearm with intent, and one count of possession of arms and ammunition.


Shemroy’s rap sheet extended last Saturday, when he gunned down the twenty-two-year-old man in the Queenstown bushed on Saturday night last. According to information reaching this media house, sometime around 20:00hrs. On the said night, the accused approached the victim, and discharged several rounds in his direction.

McLennan died on the spot, as a result of a bullet wound to his left side chest. Witnesses told this publication that the weapon used was a revolver, and that a second victim received minor injuries during the shooting.

According to the now dead man’s mother, Charlene Alves, said that the investigation appears to be moving at snail pace. She added, “Since the shooting we haven’t heard back anything from the police, the last thing we heard is that the boy is from town, and that he might be hiding at Onderneeming… but like the police, frightened to go there.”