Leslie James turns 55; returns to civilian life in 8 days

Police are investigating a serious accident which occurred on Saturday 26th January ,2019 about 14:45hrs on the Covent Garden Public Road ,EBD involving motor jeep PSS 4796 owned by the Guyana Police Force and attached to the Commissioner of Police and driven by Corporal Mark Smith with occupants Mr leslie James ,Commissioner of Police and Allistair Roberts ,Superintendent of Police who is the Commissioner’s Personal Assistant (P.A.C) and motor canter GWW 9079 owned and driven by Basdeo Lalchan ,37 ,of lot 1718 Section B Block X Great Diamond ,E.B.D and occupant Janathan Ramkellwan ,24 ,of lot 1374 Diamond Housing Scheme ,EBD.

Enquiries disclosed that motor jeep PSS4796 was proceeding North along the western side of the western carriageway of the road with its becon light and siren on ,while motor canter GWW 9079 was proceeding in front ,in the said direction. As motor jeep approached , the said canter suddenly swerved from east to west and stopped leaving the rear portion on the driving lane ; as a result the left side front of the jeep collided to the right side rear of motor canter GWW 9079 causing the said canter to spin around and collided to motor lorry GXX 230 and motor jeep collided to GPP 6739 rear which was stationary on the western side of the road.

As a result of the impact, Superintendent Roberts along with Basdeo Lalchan and Janathan Ramkellwan received injured about their bodies.

The driver and occupant of the canter were taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Center where they were treated and referred to the GPHC and admitted as patients in the said Institution, suffering from broken legs and Superintendent Roberts was taken to Mercy Hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor on duty and admitted at the said Institution suffering from injuries to his left shoulder.

A breathalyzer test was conducted on corporal Smith and no alcohol was found in his breath.
Inquiries in progress.

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