Statement by President Ali on the murders of Joel and Isaiah

It is with a heavy heart that I was informed of the brutal and senseless murders of Isaiah Henry And Joel Henry of West Coast Berbice. I have since spoken to the Minister of Home Affairs and Commissioner of Police urging them to deploy all needed resources to bring the perpetrators to justice.
We cannot and would not tolerate this type of brutality in our communities and country. I can understand the pain of the families and community and my prayers and thoughts are with you.
Whilst we await the swift work of the police to bring those responsible to justice, I urge residents from the communities to be patient and support the police in ensuring justice is served.
I ask you to act lawful and responsible in demonstrating your anger and hurt. As President, I can understand the emotions but I ask that the police be given an opportunity to do their job.
I also assure all of you that I have asked for a constant update on the progress of the investigation by the Police to be shared with the media, community and country.
September 6th, 2020