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State makes full disclosure in Bisram matter but the circus continues

Marcus Bisram at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Monday

After weeks of bobbing and weaving, the state has finally made full disclosures of statements to the court and defense lawyers in the Marcus Bisram matter when it was called before Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus in the Georgetown Magistrates on Monday.

The matter was first called Monday morning but had to be stood down for later in the afternoon to facilitate the signature of Bisram to some further statements and for the state to make its full disclosures.

During the morning session, the lawyers briefed the magistrate about the matter before the public was allowed entry. Once in, the court had to pause as police prosecutor Tracy Ann Gittings attempted to bar reporters from entering the courtroom. “No reporters in the courtroom please” she stated, causing her absurd and unilateral decision to be immediately overruled by the magistrate. “Let the reporters remain” the magistrate stated.
Within seconds of the court being open to the public, the seats were filled with mostly relatives of Bisram. The police prosecutor again decided that she was going to bar the relatives of the victim from entering the courtroom. This caused them to begin protesting, so much so that the Magistrate has to pause her proceedings to ask what was going on outside.

“What is going on outside; are there relatives out there for the victim or the accused? “Please let the relatives come in to hear what is happening and let there be additional security for me please” she stated.

Once the relatives of both sides were inside the courtroom, the magistrate related to the court why she was standing the matter down.

When the matter was recalled later this afternoon, the defense told the court that they were in possession of all the statements associated with the matter.

Defence layer Glen Hanoman told the court that they were pleased if the matter was heard before the said magistrate but her worship quickly enquired if the matter was not one for the Corentyne Magisterial District.

At that point Hanoman said that they would be happy if any magistrate from Georgetown could go to Berbice and conduct the trial.

The defense also asked to see the submissions made by the prosecution for the recuse of the previous magistrates from the matter as well as the letter which was sent to the chancellor by the DPP.

To the latter, the state prosecutor said that she would need to seek advice from the DPP before making the submission available to the defense, to which Hanoman replied that all they want is due process which includes the disclosures of those documents.

The magistrate then pointed out that the document that she has was not one which was sent to the Chancellor but rather one which was sent to the DPP.

The State Prosecutor Stacy Goodings today seemed relaxed and less tense compared to the previous appearances in the matter.

Bisram matter has been plagued with several circus-like developments ranging from an unprepared prosecution which fought years to have him extradition to Guyana to answer the capital offence, a prosecution which did not seemed reluctant to make full disclosures to the court, followed by intensified bacchanal on the way forward, a magistrate’s order to recuse himself from the case to the state prosecutor being accused of contempt of court.

The case was marred by several delays and reluctance which has effectively prevented the trial from starting. There was also the issue of a petition against a magistrate who was dealing with the matter which lead to him being asked to recuse himself from case.

Bisram is accused of ordering a group of men to kill carpenter Faiyaz Narinedatt. Bisram is being represented by attorneys at law Dexter Todd, Sanjeev Datadin and Glen Hanoman.

The matter was adjourn for Wednesday January 15, 2020 when it is believed that the case would be transferred to the Corentyne Magisterial District.

Leroy Smith Editor
The BIG Smith News Watch is an online news outlet. Formerly BIG Smith Crime, the brand has been reconfigured to cover general news stories.
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Leroy Smith Editor
The BIG Smith News Watch is an online news outlet. Formerly BIG Smith Crime, the brand has been reconfigured to cover general news stories.