Standards Bureau to begin verifying speed guns

(A police officer tags a car at the South Dakota Circuit during the demonstration exercise on Wednesday, October 06, 2021)

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) will soon commence the verification of speed guns used by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) to ensure they are providing accurate readings. The agency launched the new service on Wednesday at the South Dakota Circuit with a press conference and demonstration of the use of its MultaRadar Equipment and Compact Device which will be used to verify the instruments.

The MultaRadar Equipment and Compact Device along with training on the installation and use of the device cost $11M according to Executive Director (Ag) of the GNBS Ramrattie Karan.

Executive Director (ag) of the GNBS, Ms. Ramrattie Karan (right) looks on as Inspector of the GNBS’ Legal Metrology Department Keemo Fyffe explains the functions of the MultaRadar Equipment and Compact Device.

Delivering brief remarks at the event, Ms. Karan noted that the acquisition of the equipment followed several complaints that the Speed guns used by Police Officers on the roadways, may not be delivering accurate readings. “The GNBS, with support from the Government of Guyana, will continue to identify areas for collaboration, and support stakeholders providing key measurement services to Guyanese,” she stated.

Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Ramesh Ashram told the media that this service will assist the police greatly in its crime fighting strategies. He alluded to the need for verified instruments in properly pursuing a case against an errant driver before the Magistrates’ Courts.

“The equipment that the Bureau has now acquired, will enable us to have our speed guns verified so it can [help] us as it relates to prosecution; that is one of the requirements, the speed guns and any other equipment we use in the Guyana Police Force including Breathalysers, it has to be verified by the Bureau of Standards,” he outlined. New speed guns are acquired with a calibration certificate which are valid for a specified period. Thereafter, the instruments will be verified every six months, the Traffic Chief said.

Traffic Chief Senior Superintendent Ramesh Ashram delivers brief remarks at the Press Conference

The launch of the new service followed a two-day training for Traffic Ranks and Inspectors of the GNBS. The training was conducted by the US company from which the equipment was procured, JENOPTIK.

Further, the Traffic Chief added that the Bureau has over the past two years trained 239 Police Officers in the use of Speed guns and breathalysers.

In a statement following the event, the GNBS disclosed that GNBS, earlier this year, it procured a Breathalyzer Test Bench, capable of verifying a wide range of Breathalysers used by the GPF and other companies to test the alcohol levels of drivers and employees, respectively. GNBS Inspectors were trained to provide the verification services by the supplier of the breathalyser equipment and by the Measurement Institute of Argentina (INTI).