Speaker/ Clerk of Assembly warned of legal action over Walrond US Status

BREAKING: Oneidge Walrond's Certificate of renunciation released; more questions pops up

The APNU/ AFC Coalition is giving the Clerk of the National Assembly “within 24 hours” to provide a copy of Minister Oneidge Walrond-Allicock’s certificate of renunciation as it is threatening legal action.

The letter to the Speak and Clerk of the National Assembly

In a letter sent to Clerk of the National Assembly Sherlock Issacs, Member of Parliament and lawyer, Senior Counsel Roysdale Forde accused the Clerk Skerlock Issacs and Speaker Manzoor Nadir of violating their “obligation to uphold the Constitution of Guyana,” by what the coalition said is their inaction to provide the public with information on the minister’s renunciation of her US citizenship.

The coalition is also threatening “legal proceedings” if the Clerk fails to comply with the request.

The Minister recently admitted that she held dual citizenship and had renounced her US citizenship prior to her swearing in as a technocrat member of parliament.

The Clerk of the National Assembly reportedly told the media that he was in receipt of this documentation and was seeking legal advice on it.

There has been widespread speculation on the Minister’s explanation about her renunciation and whether or not that timeline affected the constitutionality of her taking the oath as a member of parliament.

The coalition believes that the information released by the Minister indicates that the Minister “was not qualified” to be appointed as government minister and member of Parliament.