Speak out/Report child abuse – Rights of the Child Commission

The Rights of the Child Commission is calling for persons to continue their vigilance and report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect. On Monday, the Commission in a statement said these incidents could be exacerbated by the  pandemic as it is calling for persons to utilise all reporting mechanisms including the Rights of the Child Commission.

The body said that there is seemingly an endless occurrences of abuse of children in differing forms, which should be of grave concern to all. ” As the Rights of the Child Commission, the constitutional body to provide monitoring and oversight to ensure adherence to the rights of the child, we acknowledge the work of our various stakeholders whose function it is to protect the rights of children in the course of the tangible work they do on a day – to – day basis.”

The Commission is reminding persons that child abuse in all its forms, whether inflicted by adult or peer, is wrong as it says that “all of us must not only be concerned, but be prepared to act to protect a child.”

The Commission also made a special plea to parents as it says that parents “must not turn a blind eye and deaf ear to a child who complains of abuse,” the Commission pointed out as it said parents must be alert to instances where persons in the home “show a propensity to abuse or appear untrustworthy around your children.”

The body is also urging teachers to be on the look out for signs of abuse and to reach out to students who were earlier identified as at risk for abuse,  “teachers are also urged to be alert to the reality of cyber bullying which in – class bullying may now have been transformed to i.e. the in – class bullies now shifting their bad behaviour online to continue to torment their class peers.”

The Commission is asking persons who suspect or witnesses an act of abuse to call its officer for guidance and support on 231-5281, email on: [email protected] or whatsapp to: 640-1119.