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Son breaks mom hand during beating, threatens to kill her in drunken rage

The elderly woman nursing a broken arm

An elderly woman, Joyce Lall, 67, narrowly escaped death at the hands of her son on Friday evening as he severely beat her with a piece of wood while in a drunken rage. The incident occurred around 8 pm on Friday evening at the woman’s home at Lot 17 Best Village, West Coast Demerara.

The son, whose name is Amar Lall also called ‘Son’ or ‘Snaga’, is a habitual, everyday drinker.  He and his wife would constantly abuse the elderly woman with the son making regular threats to kill her.

The elderly woman with bruises to her leg

The son and his wife live in a shack at the back of his mother’s house and operates a small plantain chip business.  The woman lives with her daughter and granddaughter.

After their usual daily drinking spree, the daughter-in-law began her usual routine of cursing and abusing her mother-in-law at the top of her voice, something persons in the area have become accustomed to. On Friday evening, during one such abuse, the son decided to take things a step further and picked up a piece of wood and started to beat the defenseless woman who was screaming for help as her frightened daughter and granddaughter look on.

A neighbour had to intervene and rush the woman to the West Demerara Regional Hospital (located right in Best village) where she was crying out in pain as her hand was put in a cast. She also suffered bruises and abrasions about her body, especially her back.

After evading the Police on Friday night, the suspect was arrested early on Saturday morning as investigations continue.